Sample Pack #2: 0-coast sounds for OP-1


The Make Noise 0-coast is a single voice patchable synthesizer and in our opinion, one of the best possible introductions to the modular synth world! It utilizes techniques of East Coast Synthesis (think Moog) and West Coast Synthesis (think Buchla). Check out this article if you're curious to learn more about the basics of the 2 techniques.

This pack features over 60 sounds from the 0-coast - from buzzy and smooth to wacky and detuned. Some of the sounds have been slightly processed, others completely dry. While creating this pack, our OP-1 had some issues - just take note that the levels may vary on some of the samples. We're planning on releasing a follow up pack as soon as we can get the lil' guy fixed. In the meantime we hope you find some of these sounds useful. Feel free to give #mysterycircles a shout if you make and post anything with them!

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This pack is free but if you’re finding it to be a useful production tool and wish to contribute, donations are appreciated!