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viñu-vinu is the electronic music alias for Montreal-based pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer Gabriel Vinuela. The name viñu-vinu pays homage to Gabriel’s Chilean heritage and comes from the francization of his father’s last name: Viñuela to Vinuela. Gabriel works with synths, keys, field recordings and a wide array of sampling techniques to produce atmospheric and lively instrumentals, where rich harmonies and melodies mix with textural electronic experimentations. He has released two EPs, Études-Tableaux in 2016 and most recently Encounters in November 2017. Encounters was created as a musical journey in 7 pieces exploring throughout the album subjects of origin, identity, changes and evolution. It features lush instrumental beats with textural electronics, rich layers of synths, ambient soundscapes and organic field recordings. Gabriel is also the pianist and co-leader of Parc X trio (2010 TD Grand Prize for Jazz at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal) and co-founder of Montreal jazz label Multiple Chord Music. He is currently working on a new batch of tracks to release with Mystery Circles in Summer 2018.